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Fibreglass Roofing, or GRP Flat Roofing as it is better known, is an ideal roofing material. Properly constructed, GRP is completely impervious to moisture and can outlast other roofing materials by many years.

A GRP Flat Roof will remain virtually maintenance free for a long period often well in excess of the guarantee period. GRP Flat roofs that have been protected from UV degradation by chippings on the gel surface should remain serviceable for considerably longer. 40 year old GRP Roof lights are still in use (todays materials are far superior and have built in UV protection).

Even 40 year old GRP roof lights can be refurbished with a new gel-coat!

A GRP Flat roof or gutter lining is perfectly safe to walk on, and is far less likely to be damaged compared to traditional roofing materials. Access can be easily incorporated in roofs or gutter linings and specific specifications can be used for roof gardens or balcony/patio areas etc.

Why Choose Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Save energy - and money: if your extension requires it, we'll install extra insulation for greater energy efficiency and lower fuel bills.

No upkeep: our GRP flat roofing and Roofline products are virtually maintenance free so you can keep your possessions dry without any fuss.

Superior flat roof construction: our flat roofing is laid as one continuous surface so there are no weak points where water can get in.

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