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KentBuild Lead Work Specialists in Sheerness Kent

KentBuild aims to provide a reliable cost effective quality Roofing and Lead Work service in Sheerness Kent to the general public and construction sector.  We have highly skilled and experienced lead workers in our Company who can ensure all lead work for all jobs is carried out with the right lead thickness, correct methods and also looks good!

Working with lead requires skill and experience which many Roofing Companies do not possess. Lead is a typical roofing product that is used for many applications from lead flashing chimneys, tiles and other areas where a water proof material is needed at joining roofs, also lead can be the complete roofing material for flat roofs.  While meeting all the safety standards we provide a safe and professional work practice that has a proven record.  Works carried out by our team of experienced tradesmen come with a guarantee ensuring at all times they are clean, tidy, well presented and adhere to health & safety policies.

We provide services for a range of customers including householders, property developers, estate / rental agents and construction companies.

We understand that all works cannot always be planned well in advanced and that situations may arise for a quick response, we have a dedicated management team with a wealth of experience who are always on hand to meet your needs.  For a free estimate please contact one of Kent roofing firms. we will be more then happy to deal with any questions you may have.

 Call: 07483293621

Areas we offer our flat roofing services in Kent